Beginners Guide:Easy Montessori Practical Life Ideas for Toddlers

Practical Life Activities_Ideas for Toddlers

Having a toddler at home can be overwhelming.

My life turned topsy turvy after my little one came into our world.

And like every other new mom, I was lost too.

I wish I had another ten hands to get work done while I juggled all the balls.

And when he became a toddler, things got even worse. He was trying to be more independent and was in a I-want-to-do-it- phase while I was still figuring out parenthood hacks.

FacebookLike a light at the end of the tunnel I stumbled across Montessori way of learning, and it spoke of how to enforce independence right from early childhood.

Slowly, we started practicing them at home and oh boy, it worked like a charm. Now this clever cookie is my little helper who makes things easy for me.

pinterestAnd the best part is he helps in clearing the mess as well. Who wouldn’t want to try it?

I am sure you would understand what I am talking about and how much of breathing space you would get once you involve your toddler in all practical works you do at home.

I have a list of everyday tasks your toddler can help you with.

Montessori Practical Life Ideas for Toddlers

Kitchen is the best place you could start (or rather where I started at). Check out these wonderful  ways to ‘involve your toddler in the kitchen post’ to get more ideas.

Few days back, he dropped a porcelain tea cup which shattered into pieces. I panicked for a moment, but I didn’t react. I asked him “ So how do we clean it?” and he asked me for a broom. I gave  him a small hand sized broom and a dustpan. To my surprise, he did an amazing job to get them on to the dustpan and then to the bin. Such is the power of Montessori learning at home.

Yup, numbers and letters could wait while we master our practical life skills 🙂 with our child. They let us know what they want us to help with and we could see in what skill they need our help to guide them.

Coming back to this post, apart from the kitchen job we both also work together in spooning work, dry pouring activities and other practical life activities.

Loading & unloading the washing machine

Toddler montessori Activities Ideas Practical Life skills

Watering plants. Click here to read why it is one of the best things to teach your little one

Helping to change sheets

Toddler montessori Activities Ideas Practical Life skills

Cloth peg practice to dry clothes

Toddler montessori Activities Ideas Practical Life skills

Setting food on the table

Putting back toys in its place.

Carry plate back to kitchen

Wipe the fridge door

Cleaning tables


Education for independence is very much important and as moms we do have to help them achieve it.

So what is stopping you? Get down to your child and ask him for his help. Allow him to show off his skills and you don’t forget to appreciate his contribution. You are helping him build his confidence and self esteem in the process.

Show your child how to put back things in its place once you are done working on that task.

Show them how to comb their hair, how to button their shirt,how to put their shoes.

Use “please when you request something” and don’t forget to say “ thank you” when they do so.

Don’t preach what you can’t practice. After all they model us and they grow to be adults like us.

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