Montessori Dry Pouring activities toddler

If there is something that would hold my toddler’s attention for a max of five minutes, that would be transferring, spooning or pouring lentils/water.

That is the specialty of Montessori; she exactly nailed what the child would be naturally interested in. And for a toddler, it’s the best place to start to learn practical life skills.

Montessori dry pourCome on, who doesn’t like their toddler to pour themselves a glass of water while you put food on their plate. Well, I know that’s too much to expect from a toddler. But I have been surprised many a times by his ability. Thus, I would keep hoping for it 🙂

dry pouring tray activities

There is always a sequence to this practical life skills, you start with dry pouring, cleaning up spills, wet pouring and then spraying water to clean window sills and then on to pour water to scrub the table.

Yup, so let’s start with dry pouring.

Montessori Dry Pour PreschoolerCoffee seeds, dried beans, lentils, seashell or marbles are good to start. Ahh, toddlers love the sound when the grain hits metal. But, I am not a big fan of those sounds.

Montessori pouring toddlersAnyways, if they spill over show them how to pick them up (if they don’t on their own) and put them back on the pitcher. Yup, we are talking about problem solving skills and pincer grip skills here.

Pouring Activities toddlerHow would your child benefit?

Your child develops mind-hand coordination, concentration, also order and independence.

Pouring Toddler PreschoolerHow do you do it?

Provide two identical jars or containers which your child could easily hold.

pouring activities childrenShow them how to transfer from one container to another.

And don’t forget to show them how to clean the spills.

Montessori Pouring Activities

How to extend this activity?

Move onto wet pouring.

Montessori dry pouring toddler preschooler