Let’s talk Diwali 🙂 Why am I talking about diwali this earlier? Yeah, I am excited to be part of “Montessori for the holidays” blog hop series along with other amazing Montessori bloggers.Please check out the previous blog post on this series here on when hippos talk.

15 Days of Montessori for the Holidays

For those who don’t know what diwali is, it’s not just a Hindu festival, it’s an identity of the Indians. It could be simply termed as ‘festival of lights’ which is believed to dispel darkness and bring in the light of clarity. The whole country is excited during this season and there is so much of hope and joy in the air. There would be loads of deepams/diyas in every corner of India, houses being decorated with flowers and garlands and the aroma of sandalwood, incense and vadas being fried lifts your spirit 🙂

And there is no shortage of things to do with children during this festival season and this is how we would be doing it.

Lamp size sorting

Size Sorting

Size Sorting

Terracotta is Indians’ version of glass. They are nature friendly and we have them as a part of our Montessori classrooms. We got in some of these lamps and the size difference was so obvious that they were sorted based on its size. We were polishing our pre-math and visual discrimination skills.

Flower rangoli on Water:

I should have clicked a picture when we started. My little one got excited and it kind of got crowded

I should have clicked a picture when we started. My little one got excited and it kind of got crowded

This is adapted from the classic practical life activity of flower arrangement in the Montessori classrooms. This one is simple, easy to do yet so refreshing for the soul and eyes. This one went on to the nature table after we were done.

My little one hasn’t mastered scissor skills yet, so I had to help him on cutting the stem tips.

Skills practiced:Pouring,sequencing and cleaning up.

Leaf Lacing/ma thoran

Ma-Thoran Ma-Mango, Thoran-Banner

Ma-Mango, Thoran-Banner

Diwali isn’t complete without hanging a ma-thoran on your entry doors. Ma thoran during Diwali is like wreaths during Christmas. 🙂

I had to punch the leaves and have them laced using a file string. Plus I couldn’t get my hands over ma-thoran since it isn’t the festive season yet, so this one is the beetle leaf illustration  🙂

Skills practiced: Fine motor skills

Number Cards and Counters using Lamps:

Cards and Counters

Cards and Counters

I had too many lamps and I had to put them to use. This one is for the older kids. We aren’t done with the red rods yet, so this activity would wait. I lay them on the mat to share them on this blog post.

Skills that could be practiced: number sequencing, odd and even numbers

I hope that you like what you read and would practice them with your little ones during this festive season 🙂

I know this is yet another lengthy blog-post when compared to some crisp ones here but I just can’t stop talking about festivity  🙂

Over to Magical Movement Company who would be blogging about outdoorsy holiday activity 🙂

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