Don’t you think the letter ‘b’ and‘d’ look alike? Number ‘6’ and ‘9’? Also ‘1’ and ‘7’? How do you help your kids recognize them easily and be confident when they start to learn, read and write?

How do we put in strong foundation for this very important learning? Help them develop visual discrimination skills. That’s a lonnng learning curve and we will do it one step at a time. You have a toddler at home like me? Then let’s start with this. I would do a series on how we progress with this (one activity a week). For now, this is what we would do.

Help them match the picture with its outline.

Match Outlines Visual Discrimination shelfWe had a toy kitchen set at home and I traced its border. I gave him the pieces to fit in with the outline. You could do the same with any object you find at home.

Match outlines montessori NAMC 1Again, this one is the same but we had foam cut outs I got from the craft store. Go hunt your local store.

Teach shapes toddler outlineOn the same note, we did the same activity with shapes which you can read here.

Montessori Placemats2This one is interesting; it is very popular in the Montessori world. Montessori placemats helps in building table manners and used when the child is weaning.

Montessori Placemeats1

I do not sew and don’t have the time. So we drew an outline again on a cardstock. On the flip side, you can’t actually use it during meal time. But, we do some pretend play with it 🙂

Match Outlines Montessori NAMC

I have attached this free printable which you can use for your lil one 🙂

Toddler Dress Outline Matching