Matching colours started a long time before we started learning colour names. I took the opportunity in every situation to teach my toddler colors. Read about my colour treasure baskets here.

Like when we were in a market, I showed him red, yellow and green capsicum/bell pepper and how they were all same but yet different.

I showed him a black crow, a yellow lemon, a red postbox and a green leaf. But when I pointed out to something and asked what color it was, he always replied “green”. Yup, that was his favorite color for a long time 🙂

We learnt colors when we shopped for saris ,every time we wore a dress, we learnt colours in vegetable shops, in wholesale plastic shops, in toy shops, in chocolate counters, in pastry shops, in kitchens .Literally anywhere. 🙂 I also had this sensory bean bags made.

This was the first time he matched colors


match colors

Now we are revisiting those activities here in my mom’s place. You can buy those elephants from Funskool Elephalinks

matchYou can get these colors pdf downloaded here..


Laminate them for longer life time 🙂

Also you can find one more bus colors matching printable here.

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