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To talk of this post, my toddler and I have been learning shapes for the last few weeks and he has mastered the basic shapes with ease. Achievement πŸ™‚

You could ask me, why one should teach toddler shapes?
β€’ Obviously, that lays foundation for their reading and writing skills. Like β€˜o’ is a full circle and β€˜c’ is a semi-circle. W,V,X has triangles in it. You get the idea?
β€’ To recognize math numbers. Need I explain?
β€’ Solve all the jigsaw puzzles that they would be solving in the later years
β€’ Drawing gets easier. Literally everything breaks down to shapes and most of the kids learn to draw a sun(a circle with lines) first πŸ™‚

How could you teach shapes?
I have put some easy and fun ways to learn shapes. This printable is attached so that you could download them as well πŸ™‚
1. Ear buds shape: I dipped in paint on either side of the bud to show distinct edges and made shapes for my little one to see.

Teach shapes toddler bud Teach shapes toddler bud2
2. Outline shapes: I drew the outline of the shapes onto a chart board and my little Jing Jaang matched them on the first try. Probably because he had used the shape sorter earlier.

Teach shapes toddler outline

3. Shape sorter: This was the first toy my little one had used to learn shapes and it pretty much served the purpose. For the first few days, he could only drop in a circle but he graduated brilliantly. I would recommend starting with this for a one year old.

Teach shapes toddler shape sorter
4. Shape Cards: I love making cards and I added few more new shapes to the already familiar ones. You can find the free download link below.

Teach shapes toddler cards
5. Shapes through food: We spoke of shapes each time I identified a shape on it. Like a round pizza,a triangle samosa, an oval avocado. You could go a step ahead and cook them with your lil one.

Teach shapes toddler food
6. Paper plate shapes puzzle: This is more like the outline shapes puzzle. You could use even a simple chart to do this. I painted the plate and cut shapes for him to match and fit in.

Teach shapes toddler plates

7. Ice cream stick shapes: These were doing the rounds on the internet and I thought I should be making it too:-). It takes less than a minute to do, so try them at home. Will you?

Teach shapes toddler ice cream
8. Scrubber shapes: These shapes were cut from the dishwasher sponges and we did paint with it πŸ™‚ That was toddler approved πŸ™‚

Teach shapes toddler paint
9. Matching big and small sized shapes: You can download this printable from the link below. Another starter kit to learn.

Teach shapes toddler size
10. Sketched Shapes using Coffee Seeds: You can get this printable below. We used the coffee beans to outline the shape. Helps in fine motor activity as well. We learnt the color brown and fell in love with its aroma.

Teach shapes toddler coffee

11. Match shapes in a Hut:My little one couldnt this one. Yet i thought I will share it. You can use the below printable.

Teach shapes toddler match

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Shape Cards

Shapes Sizes and Hut

Coffee Seeds Outline