Exploring Frogs Toddler Preschoolers

It’s been raining cats and dogs here and we were lucky enough to spot a frog. Since then frogs have been our subject of interest 🙂

Honestly, who doesn’t like frogs? Yeah, the princess. But she eventually liked him 🙂 and I hear they happily live ever after.

I digress.

So, we made this beautiful sensory bin where I threw in some stones and put in those cute little frogs.

Frog Sensory Bin

Don’t they look stunning?

And we put those frogs in on the light box. If you don’t have a light box yet, then I would ask you to start making one right away (okay, after you finish reading this one ;-))

Take a clear transparent box with a lid and cover the inside with a silver foil. And some tissue paper on the lid. Add in some Christmas lights into it and Voila!!! Your light box is ready to use instantly.

Light Box Preschooler

That’s my little boy exploring frogs through the light box.

And how can one forget that Five little speckled frogs sat on a log rhyme? That was perfect since my toddler is at his sensitive period for numbers 🙂

Five little speckled frogs

If you are wondering, what those logs are made up of? Those are cinnamon sticks and we had fun trying to feel what it smells like 🙂

What a brilliant way to teach numbers in action. When I said “when 1 frog jumped in the pool “, we put one frog on the water below and continued “now there are 4 speckled frogs! glub !! glub !! glub !!”

Two fell down!!!

Two fell down!!!

Oh wait; I can share you the link if you are planning to Google it up. Here you go 🙂

One on Each

One on Each

And then this one, one-to-one correspondence 🙂 I got my printables from Pickled Bums.

One to Correspondence Toddler

Frog tray !!

There is one more thing I couldn’t share a picture of. Guess who did the frog jump? No points for guessing. A grown up adult jumping in the middle of the living room? Yeah, not a pleasant scene to be captured 🙂

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