How many books come in a Subscription Box?

You get to choose how many kgs of books you would like to receive. Approximately, for one kg you would receive either

1. 3-4 Medium sized board books

2. 1-2 chunky board books

3. 4-6 paperbacks

4. Mixed bag of 2-3 board books and 2-3 paperbacks

Do I get to choose my books on Subscription Box?

We choose the books based on the preferences questionnaire filled by you. Otherwise, you can decide with us on whatsapp/email before we deliver you the books.

Are the books on rental of separate charges?

Yes, the rental books are charged separately.

When will my Little Fingers at Work Box arrive?

We generally ship on every Tuesdays and boxes arrive in 2-7 days based on your location. You will receive an email with a tracking number when your parcel is sent out.

Can I retain the books or should I return the books?

It is up to you to keep the book or send it back to us in exchange for the next set of books.

When should I return my books, if I choose to?

Within two months of receiving your book.

How do I know when to return my book?

The date of sending the book and should be returned before date is mentioned on a label in the book(s) you receive.

How do I know the return price?

The buying and the return price are mentioned on the first page of the book.

How does Little fingers at Work make book return easier?

We send you courier covers with the return shipment address on your pack.

All you have to do is to put in the books in that bag and drop it in your nearest post office or courier service (charges paid by you).

I would like to buy a book which is not listed on your rental page! What should I do?

We always love to find out the hidden gems and add it to our library collection.

Please drop in the book titles to and we would do our best to bring it on board.

What age range are Little fingers at Work appropriate for?

From 0-6 years.

Do you offer international shipping?

Sorry, not as of now.

Do you have COD option?

Sadly No.