I have to admit, we kind of got out of our routine and I have not made any new activities for the last few days. I have been totally slacking in the pretext of looking for a bigger and neat house for us to move 🙂

DSCN0518Meanwhile I try to rotate what we have with us already. This is one of those cards we made with our close and dear ones’ pictures. I put those pictures on my computer and had a space below to mention how they were related to my lil Jing Jaang. If you know how to work around paint and other Photoshop basics, then this is pretty easy to make. I got them printed and laminated. It could have been better with a white background, to make the faces look clearer. But I didn’t bother much about that, since my lil one knows everyone on those cards. Just had to keep them fresh on his mind 🙂

That way, every time he meets his close ones he doesn’t give them a blank look like “Duh!!Who is this trying to cuddle me?” I hold all the cards in my hand and give him one at a time. Sometimes he smiles and tells me a little bit of what he knows about them or where they took him or what they gave him. I am constantly amazed how that little mind can hold that much of memories.

Sometimes he picks one of those cards and brings them to me, to talk about them. I tell him how this person loves us very much and how happy we were when he/she was around. That almost makes my day.Like today 🙂