8 Ideas for Montessori Pre-Reading Activities

8 Ideas for Montessori Pre-Reading Activities

Learning to read is not a race while there is so much emphasis on phonics these days.

The child has to be ready before they start reading on their own, if not it leads to frustration.

Pre-reading activities or reading readiness is like a warm-up before you start exercising.

I have a curated list of free printables which you can directly download from the websites.

Montessori explains that the sensitive period for language is from 0-6. Reading aloud books and associating objects to words are all started from birth, while these activities can be started anywhere from 3-6 years.

1.Reading Aloud before Bedtime:

My son loves to read and I read aloud to him before our nap time while we snuggle together. We started with picture books with few sentences each page and then moved on to books with more text. Now we read books like this at 3.5 years.

2.Sorting by Category:

Sorting is an important skill that cannot be taken for granted. This blog beautifully explains why sorting is essential in the part of growing. In the later part of the blog there are plentiful ideas to sort by category. If your child is young and you want to begin then concrete objects are the best to start with. Check this post for young children less than 3. I would like to try all of the sorting ideas in our future work. For now, we tried a few of it and I have attached the links of free printables below. Don’t forget to download and practice them.

3.What does not belong?

Once children learn to sort they start noticing how things are alike and what is different. You can read on how to do this activity here and download your set of cards from below.

4.Pattern Cards:

Sequencing is an important life skill by itself. Here Children learn to move from left to right like how we read on print and also

The printable can be downloaded from below.

5.Story Sequence:

This is an extension work of pattern cards, the story sequence helps to observe and recall events.

You can start with something as simple as “Jack and Jill” Rhyme (printable link below) and ask your child to arrange them in order.

The one we used is a bit complex which explains the story of a snowman. This printable comes with a control card i.e. Montessori way of the child to know if he has done the work successfully. The printable link is mentioned below.

6.Picture to Background Matching:

This activity is to help one prepare for figure ground perception. This helps in focusing on one piece of information from a busy background. In simple words: looking for a particular word/line on a book page.

“I Spy” games can be done to work on this. We did some simple picture puzzle downloaded from a website. Link is given below.

7.Using Magnifying Lens to Focus on an Object:

My son is now fascinated to use his magnifying lens and I took that to advantage by giving him some matching work with the help of the lens. While he was working on this, I understood he enjoys using the lens a lot. In the coming days we hope we do a lot more of magnifying lens activities. The printable can be downloaded from below.

8.Look alike cards:

This teaches the child to move from left to right and top to bottom. You can read on how to present this activity here. The printable link is mentioned below.

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Valentine’s Day activities for Toddlers

Valentine’s Day activities for Toddlers

Valentine's day activities for your toddlerValentine’s Day is round the corner and the whole town will be filled with RED heart shaped balloons. We do have special plans too :-)Sometimes I wonder why so much hype for just one day? I digress.

My clever cookie doesn’t fail to amuse me every day. His language is improving in a jet speed and he communicates well than before. He clearly doesn’t understand what Valentine’s Day is and why there are so many rose petals at home, but nevertheless we had our share of fun.

  1. Red Buttons Spooning

Valentine's day activities for your toddler Montessori spoon You would have comprehended from my earlier posts that we practice certain skills for quite some time till we are so done with it. We are learning to use the spoon with minimal spillage. Few days back, he had yogurt and I could see he had done a neat job by balancing the spoon and there was very little spillage. Yayy!!

  1. Heart Shaped Cookies Décor

Valentine's day activities for your toddler cookie decorEarlier this week, we did a batch of cookies. A simple oats cookie and we did top them up with these bright colours. This one is sweet condensed milk and some strawberry cuts. We just did one cookie and all three of us shared that one piece 😉

Valentine's day activities for your toddler

  1. Cookie Cutter Art

Valentine's day activities for your toddler craft activitiesThis one is pretty simple to do. Not much of fuss and doesn’t need any prep work for this. Check out our artistic masterpiece 🙂

  1. Rose Petals Heart Shaped Art

Valentine's day activities for your toddlerWhen we tried to tear some paper and do a collage recently, it was a face palm situation. We had a huge meltdown after that. This time we tried to stick some rose petals on the art shaped cutout. Turns out this is one of the best sensory play activities we had done. Learning how the glue works and the sticky effect exploration was carefully done. He tried to remove the pieces and stick them again; I guess he was trying to observe how this sticky thing works 🙂

  1. Heart Shapes Visual Discrimination

Valentine's day activities for your toddler visual discrimination free printableI have been talking about visual discrimination from time to time and how beneficial it is. This activity indirectly prepares them to observe the similarities and differences. He had to use a pebble to mark the different heart piece.You can download the printable from below.

  1. Rose Petals Transfer

Valentine's day activities for your toddler montessori tongs activityWe are still mastering our tong skills before we move onto scissor work. Why tongs? They give way to scissor skills which in turn plays a bigger role in writing/holding a pencil. Montessori was a genius to have developed every activity with careful planning.

  1. Rose Petals Sensory Bottle

Valentine's day activities for your toddler sensory bottle calming bottleI gave him a glass jar filled with glittered water and a funnel to pour the water into this bottle. This glittered water shows a water level markup in the bottle. We tried pushing/dropping in those rose petals through the bottle neck. We later shook them and observed how the glitters settled underneath. These bottles are called calming bottles for a reason 🙂

Valentine's day activities for your toddler

  1. Rose Petals Prewriting Pattern

Valentine's day activities for your toddler prewriting patternThis is similar to the gluing art activity, but this one had a pattern and he had to go along with it. We did the simple horizontal line stroke.

I hope you try these simple activities at home and don’t forget to tell me how much you guys liked them.

I get a high when I get a comment, so please comment below. We could be good friends 🙂

And hey Happy Valentine’s Day to you and to your little ones 🙂

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Free Printable:Visual Discrimination Free Printables

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Valentine's Day Activities for your toddler Pinterest


10 Montessori Inspired Fun Activities Using Popcorn

10 Montessori Inspired Fun Activities Using Popcorn

After a while we went for a movie (as usual my hubby was busy handling the little one). Getting straight the point, one reason kids love going to the movies is a bag full of popcorn. Pop came in the idea, why not carry that excitement home and create some activities.

We did some fun filled activities to engage my little one that evening with some pop corn and boy it worked 🙂

Making Popcorn

montessori fun activities at homeTo start with we made some popcorn together. It was so much of fun to hear the corns pop J My clever cookie was surprised to see how the corns turned this big.

Popcorn sensory bin

montessori fun activities at homeWe are learning number recognition now and so I decided to throw in some numbers into the bin and asked my little one to fish them out. We named out the number together when he pulled out number by number 🙂

Popcorn Measurement:

montessori fun activities at homeI put in some measuring cups and spoons to help him learn estimation and measurement. This skill would come in handy when we bake together 🙂 I am going to post a video of us baking together soon. Watch out this space for that.

Facebook Little Fingersat Work

Funnel pouring:

montessori fun activities at homeWe had these plastic bottles with a narrow mouth which was perfect was this funnel to sit in. He spooned the corn kernels through the funnel. The clinging sound was a music to our ears, so we did the below one.

Corn Music Shakers:

montessori fun activities at homeWe did close the lid of the bottle and did a shake, shake and shake. Our inexpensive music instrument was ready in a jiffy 🙂

Dry Pouring:

montessori fun activities at homeThis new pitcher looks awesome right?


IMG_20160126_131307Remember I spoke about visual discrimination before, and this one is so perfect to sort corn kernels and popcorn.

Youtube Channel LinkPopcorn Math:

montessori fun activities at homeI downloaded this counting printable from here. We did count only up to 4. Anything more than that, is a bit overwhelming for him. And we are taking it real slow 🙂

Practical Life Transferring:

montessori fun activities at homeAlso, my little one helped me peel off those leaves for us to have a quick snack and I missed clicking a picture 🙂

“Fun Trivia” – America has a pop corn day, isn’t that interesting 🙂

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PicMonkey Collage

Playdough Activities for Toddlers/Preschoolers

Playdough Activities for Toddlers/Preschoolers

I am hosting a 30-day challenge in one of our facebook groups and I totally love it. Play-dough Play was our theme today.

Playdough Activities for ToddlersWhat does your child learn?

This activity helps with prewriting skills, to develop the finger strength. These same hands which Roll, press, stamp the play dough will hold a pencil one day with confidence 🙂

They will let their imaginations go wild. They could make surprise eggs, an ice cream cone party uff!!

I can only think of so much but a child could explore horizons.

Playdough ActivitiesThey learn textures by adding in different elements like sand, glitter, oats and talk to them about it.

You can hide treasures inside the dough and let them pull it out.

Give them other props like plastic knife, scissors, rolling pin, cookie cutter etc., they will experience free play.

What did we do?

Playdough Activities for kidsWe made homemade bread play dough and poster colours mixed to it to get this texture.

I also sneaked in some lemon essence to it and oh boy, I fell in love with how it smells.

Playdough Activities for ToddlersMy clever cookie brought in the insect figurines from the jar and started to stamp them on the play dough.

Playdough Activities for Toddlers

I would be updating this post further each time we have fun with play dough. It is becoming our home school staple  🙂


Montessori Inspired Object Picture Matching for Toddlers – Visual Discrimination Skills Part 3

Montessori Inspired Object Picture Matching for Toddlers – Visual Discrimination Skills Part 3

Montessori Object to Picture Matching activity for Toddler

Aren’t these baskets cute?

What do you need to do object picture matching activity?

Animal Figurines

Object Images. If you cannot find exact pictures from the internet, click those objects and print them.


Did you see that dragonfly? 🙂


How do you do it?

Place the pictures from left to right on the mat.

Pick an object from the basket and move it to the figure with which it matches.

Move on the next object.

Step back and watch your child do it.

Control of Error:

Has one-to-one correspondence and not easy to miss.

Happy Learning 🙂

Montessori Inspired Pattern Activities for Toddlers

Montessori Inspired Pattern Activities for Toddlers

Montessori Printable Pattern activitiesHello awesome moms. Arrghh, dads too 🙂

We did these simple Montessori inspired pattern activities for my toddler at home.

Before that, I like to share how we get to proceed with each activity.

I present one new activity everyday (at least when I am on the best of my moods :-)) and rotate what we have already to get stabilized on what was done earlier. I remove them off my shelf when my son loses interest.

So, why does your toddler should do pattern matching/sorting?

We see patterns everyday don’t we, how do we connect the dots? Patterns?

Now you know why?

Now you know why?

Patterning activities lays foundation for their math activities.

And how crucial is pattern matching in developing visual discrimination skills? Read here.

You can download this free printable here.

Pattern Matching for Toddlers

I placed a sample under glass tumbler and put the rest of the pieces on a tray.

The transparent glasses were much easier than the muffin tray.

The transparent glasses were much easier than the muffin tray.

You may ask, why give glass to a toddler? Won’t he break it?

Montessori insists on using real and breakable items.

Seeing a glass break will teach the child to be gentle and handle fragile things carefully in the future. Yup, Montessori saw broken items as a learning experience. Smart lady, wasn’t she?

I had only three glasses at home. Yes, there is only one Papa Bear, Mama Bear and a Baby Bear at home 🙂

I extended the activity by adding some more patterns on a muffin tray.

Muffin trays are not just for muffins, right?

Muffin trays are not just for muffins, right?

Download them, print and laminate them. Use them and tell me if your lil one liked it? 🙂

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Montessori Inspired Matching Objects to Pictures – Toddler Visual Discrimination Skills Part2

Hello, how are you today? I have been quiet busy with shifting my house and I am slacking a bit here on my blog. Nevertheless, my little boy doesn’t find it comfortable to play around with all the carton boxes spread across the house.

In my previous home, we used our open lower unit shelf as his Montessori shelf and here we do not have one. For time being our shoe rack is our new Montessori shelf till our pay day 🙂

We are working on our visual discrimination skills and this is a follow up post on that. Montessori inspired object to picture matching.

Why should one match objects to pictures?

Like I said before, this helps in developing their visual discrimination skills. You could read more about it here.

Move from concrete to abstract. . This is one of the beautiful theories of Montessori Method. First they play with objects (concrete), and then move to picture-object association and from there to abstract (picture to picture association). This concept comes in handy when they start polishing their mathematical skills and sensorial learning in the later years.

How does one match objects to pictures?

I made these vegetables and fruits cards which you can use like flash cards too. You can download these printables  from here

Fruit Cards

Vegetable Cards

Or you could photograph the objects you have already at home with a clean background and laminate them.

Here you go. This is how we did it.


Haan.. Jing Jaang thought that was for eating :-)

Haan.. Jing Jaang thought that was for eating 🙂


I then had to convince him, that we would eventually eat it after we finish this activity 🙂



Match Objects and Outlines –Montessori Inspired Visual Discrimination Skills Part 1.

Don’t you think the letter ‘b’ and‘d’ look alike? Number ‘6’ and ‘9’? Also ‘1’ and ‘7’? How do you help your kids recognize them easily and be confident when they start to learn, read and write?

How do we put in strong foundation for this very important learning? Help them develop visual discrimination skills. That’s a lonnng learning curve and we will do it one step at a time. You have a toddler at home like me? Then let’s start with this. I would do a series on how we progress with this (one activity a week). For now, this is what we would do.

Help them match the picture with its outline.

Match Outlines Visual Discrimination shelfWe had a toy kitchen set at home and I traced its border. I gave him the pieces to fit in with the outline. You could do the same with any object you find at home.

Match outlines montessori NAMC 1Again, this one is the same but we had foam cut outs I got from the craft store. Go hunt your local store.

Teach shapes toddler outlineOn the same note, we did the same activity with shapes which you can read here.

Montessori Placemats2This one is interesting; it is very popular in the Montessori world. Montessori placemats helps in building table manners and used when the child is weaning.

Montessori Placemeats1

I do not sew and don’t have the time. So we drew an outline again on a cardstock. On the flip side, you can’t actually use it during meal time. But, we do some pretend play with it 🙂

Match Outlines Montessori NAMC

I have attached this free printable which you can use for your lil one 🙂

Toddler Dress Outline Matching