Montessori Inspired Threading Beads and Pasta Toddler Activity

Montessori Inspired Threading Beads and Pasta Toddler Activity

I got these wooden threading beads from a mom who sold her Montessori materials. I just love the simplicity of this material. Yet, the benefits are more than we think. Plus it can be made complicated as the child grows. Don’t you think that’s awesome?

Montessori Pasta Lacing Beads Toddler activities 4

Wooden beads to thread. Paint is a bit chipped off 🙂

What do you need?

Tray, beads, sturdy thread or shoe string or a file thread, penne pasta.

Montessori Pasta Lacing Beads Toddler activities

Big fat beads,thus need not worry about choking hazard 🙂

Why do this activity?

For fine motor skills by grasping the bead/pasta which in turn helps to hold the pencil when the child is ready to write

Eye hand coordination to see a particular bead and to pick it up

Math logic skills to see if the thread can still hold a few more pastas/beads and to determine how long the thread is

Control of Error: Beads enter in the thread only if it is put in right.

Montessori Pasta Lacing Beads Toddler activities 3

Pasta is not only for eating,mama 🙂

How to extend this activity as they grow?

Move onto smaller beads.

Use flowers to make a garland. Too much to expect! But hey, aren’t children a bundle of surprise?

Give in a bead pattern and ask to match the pattern while they do it

Montessori Pasta Lacing Beads Toddler activities

Make a knot at the end like this

How to do?

Show your clever cookie how to grasp the bead, clutch it one hand and how to hold the thread in another hand.

Introduce new words like thread, beads and pasta.

Show them how to put in the bead/pasta onto the thread and pull it.

Sit back and watch them try to do this 🙂

Montessori Pasta Lacing Beads Toddler

Making a necklace? Yes Yes !!

Where to source the materials from?

Montessori beads from here

Shoe lace/file thread from local stationary shop

Pasta from the kitchen  🙂

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Teaching Toddlers Day and Night Difference

Lately my little toddler gets overexcited at night and I found it very difficult to explain it to him that it was night and the whole city sleeps including the street dogs. Man that was a Hercules task. He did not want to sleep and did not want to turn off the lights. Then I took in that I had to do something about this.

I had to frequently talk about the day and night difference and how the sun is up through the day and nights are dark. We spoke about shadows and moon. I also showed him how we turn on lights when it gets dark in the evening and that in some time we would hit the bed. I spoke about earth too but he didn’t get much on what I was saying.

Then, we decided to learn about them by doing some tray activities. We did some picture sorting which had clear distinction of day and night. You can download them from here.  🙂

Teaching toddlers day and night activities

Clever Cookie sorted out the day and night skies. Good Job!!

We did day and night picture sorting where he had to sort them on the mat. You can download this printable from below link.

Teaching toddlers day and night activities sensory sky night

Oh those are stars on the tea dust. And that’s the box that came with Ferrero Rocher and the jar from a cake shop:-)

I tried this sensory bottle in which I filled with tea dust and tiny stars to depict night time. I showed him how to count the stars while I picked them up from the tray to jar.

Teaching toddlers day and night activities shadow preschooler

We had a blast doing this after we turned off the lights 🙂

We did some shadow puppet game to turn the lights off  🙂 I got these printables from Charlotte’s blog.You can download those awesome puppets from there.

We stuck the stars and moon on the black painted card stock.

We stuck the stars and moon on the black painted card stock.

Teaching toddlers day and night activities clouds sun sky

Similarly, we stuck the clouds and the sun on a blue cardstock

Finally some craft work too 🙂 We stuck the stars and moon on a black painted card stock for the night sky.Similarly, for the day sky we stuck the clouds and sun on the blue one.  Again printables can be downloaded from below link 🙂

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Day and Night Picture Sorting 

Craft -Day and Night


Montessori Inspired Matching Objects to Pictures – Toddler Visual Discrimination Skills Part2

Hello, how are you today? I have been quiet busy with shifting my house and I am slacking a bit here on my blog. Nevertheless, my little boy doesn’t find it comfortable to play around with all the carton boxes spread across the house.

In my previous home, we used our open lower unit shelf as his Montessori shelf and here we do not have one. For time being our shoe rack is our new Montessori shelf till our pay day 🙂

We are working on our visual discrimination skills and this is a follow up post on that. Montessori inspired object to picture matching.

Why should one match objects to pictures?

Like I said before, this helps in developing their visual discrimination skills. You could read more about it here.

Move from concrete to abstract. . This is one of the beautiful theories of Montessori Method. First they play with objects (concrete), and then move to picture-object association and from there to abstract (picture to picture association). This concept comes in handy when they start polishing their mathematical skills and sensorial learning in the later years.

How does one match objects to pictures?

I made these vegetables and fruits cards which you can use like flash cards too. You can download these printables  from here

Fruit Cards

Vegetable Cards

Or you could photograph the objects you have already at home with a clean background and laminate them.

Here you go. This is how we did it.


Haan.. Jing Jaang thought that was for eating :-)

Haan.. Jing Jaang thought that was for eating 🙂


I then had to convince him, that we would eventually eat it after we finish this activity 🙂