What should I teach my one year old?

Do you feel that your little baby is growing up faster than you think?

Do you wish you had some more patience when it comes to your kid?

Do you think you are not doing much with your kid?

Do you want to spend quality time with your kid, but run out of ideas?

Did you say YES?

Then you are in the right place 🙂

Here are a few ideas which you can tweak to your own convenience.

These are tried and tested with my now two year old and I am sure that would work for you.

Nature Learning:

Learn through nature teach your one year old

Nature is the best teacher 🙂

Get Outdoors.Ok, this is a no brainer. Take your little one outside; I am sure you must have a park or a green place close by. Point out to the birds, trees, ants, bugs, anything you see. Listen to the birds. Talk about color green. Watch the squirrels collect their neem nuts and run back.

Treasure Baskets:



All the kitchen items i could grab in two minutes 🙂

introduce Music to one year old

For the love of music 🙂

Teach Colours one year old

That’s Color Red 🙂

Are you worried that your little one still mouths things? Then, this one is for you. Get this treasure basket ready. This one is a no prep one and easy one at that. We introduced colours using these cute little treasure baskets. Please read here to know more about that.Read more here.

Sensory Food:

sensory food teach one year old

Messy little fingers 🙂

Oh, I love this one. Whomever, thought of this first is an absolute genius. Use any food that you think your little one would like to explore. I can help you with a few ideas.

Yogurt mixed with food coloring

Messing with apple sauce

Picking out chunky watermelon cubes to suck and lick them.

Pulling out each noodle/pasta which enhances finger grasp.

Sensory Play:

Bean Bags

DIY Sensory Bean Bags.. Could have looked better 😉

Put in some colored rice into empty transparent water bottles.

Throw in some pom poms into water. Add some glitter or small miniatures to give that shiny look.

Make these sensory bean bags and have them feel it or practice tossing them into a basket.

Make this sensory board with the unused stuff lying around at home.

You can also use some edible play dough which you must have done before for her little hands to mess with

Family cards:


Are you staying away from your family and worried that your lil one would forget your close ones? Then try this out.

You can also click pictures of different rooms in your house and read them aloud to your kids while they hold the picture. And that’s how we start Geography.

Invest in some simple Puzzles:

Not sure, which ones to buy? Then check this out.

Simple Colour Match

Simple Shape Puzzle

Teach them independence:

Teach your little one to use their cup. Not able to find small tiny cups, then use shot glasses. Yes, put them to use 🙂

Teach them to eat on their own. Follow baby led weaning that way you also polish the hand mouth coordination skill.

Teach them to use their fork and spoon.

Ask for their help to clean up after their toy play, to put their dirty clothes inside the laundry bag, to put their shoes back in the shelf, train to use the garbage bin/dust bin

Make simple activities:

Potato painting

Other things you can teach:

Teach animal sounds, train sounds, rain sounds and thunder sounds.

Teach them their body parts. We started with belly button 😉

Teach them to share.

Self Groom:

Teach them to blow their nose.

Teach them to wash their hands and wipe them.

I hope this helped. Is there something else you have done already, that I have missed? Share your thoughts in the comments section. Please subscribe to this blog. The next blog post would be on introduction to exciting science experiments that could be done along with your toddler. Yes, your toddler could do it too 🙂

Learning Primary Colors – Montessori Inspired Red Treasure Basket

You must have read about the treasure baskets in my previous post. Did you try them at home? Or you didn’t get to read about it? Then read it here.

This treasure basket is usually a hit in my house and I start with it for introducing new concepts.

red2When trying to choose objects for your lil one, keep in mind his current interests and have them included in the basket. At present my lil Jing Jaang is learning shapes and recognizing numbers, hence the red circle, pentagon, square and the number ‘3’.The red spoons and bowl were kept open ended for him to decide what he wanted to do with it.


Mission accomplished. He undoubtedly knows red now 🙂

P.S: While I wrote this, I couldn’t stop thinking about Red– a powerful character from Orange is the New Black. If you haven’t read the book or watched the play, then I suggest you give it a shot. 🙂

Music Treasure Basket

When I started understanding about Montessori concepts, I came across these treasure baskets. At the first notion I did not understand how these random things in the basket would help a small person. These baskets are awesome and you don’t really need a toy to entertain your lil bub. Plus they are not expensive and doesn’t need much of your time to prep them.AHH!! That’s what I love about Montessori. Its simplicity!!!.

To your lil one, every simple item is new and exciting to discover. Basically you have to throw in different objects of colour,texture,weight,sound,smell,taste.Ours varied from spoons to bells, shells to stones, baking supplies to buttons,pom poms to paper roses, lemon to coffee powder for every season. Use your imagination. Anything you have around your house and its cool how you expose your baby to the real environment. Your baby will go back to it again and again for she will not get enough of it.


Right now on our shelves, we have this music basket which my son is exploring.

You can put in a maracas, tambourine and xylophone or simply throw in a half filled bottle of beans. It could be a bunch of key-chain, a small pot and a spoon. Again, creativity 🙂


This one is another kitchen treasure basket at 10 months.

I wish I had started this blog earlier or captured every basket we had. But I am sure I would someday redo them just for the sake of this blog. Happy Exploring 🙂

Some pointers to note-Give in clean and safe objects for they are sure to be sucked or chewed.

Avoid dyed and sharp objects.

Avoid anything you suspect would rip apart when pulled/tossed.