Sorting Big and Small-Toddler Activities

Sorting Big and Small-Toddler Activities

Toddler Preschooler Big and Small Activities

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Sort Big and Small Toddler Activities

Please don’t mind the price sticker on the mug. I forgot to remove it 🙂

We did celebrate little Jing Jaang’s second birthday two days back. Strangely, I feel odd to call him a baby after he turned two. He is starting to understand things and realizes when we discipline him when he does something which we do not appreciate.

Lately,we have been talking about the small and big things we see around and I thought I would let Jing Jaang sort out the big and small objects to get the hang of the concept.

Why do you have to teach them big and small?

Children learn to classify objects by comparing them and identifying their similarities and differences.

Learn to communicate easily. Like “Amma, I would like to eat from that big plate today “.

What do you need?

Similar objects of different sizes.

Mats or chart board to sort and lay them.

How do you do it?

Pick each object and say “This is the big one” “This is the small one” and lay them on the respective mats/sheets.

Repeat for all objects

Put them back into the basket and watch your little one do it 🙂