Valentine’s Day activities for Toddlers

Valentine’s Day activities for Toddlers

Valentine's day activities for your toddlerValentine’s Day is round the corner and the whole town will be filled with RED heart shaped balloons. We do have special plans too :-)Sometimes I wonder why so much hype for just one day? I digress.

My clever cookie doesn’t fail to amuse me every day. His language is improving in a jet speed and he communicates well than before. He clearly doesn’t understand what Valentine’s Day is and why there are so many rose petals at home, but nevertheless we had our share of fun.

  1. Red Buttons Spooning

Valentine's day activities for your toddler Montessori spoon You would have comprehended from my earlier posts that we practice certain skills for quite some time till we are so done with it. We are learning to use the spoon with minimal spillage. Few days back, he had yogurt and I could see he had done a neat job by balancing the spoon and there was very little spillage. Yayy!!

  1. Heart Shaped Cookies Décor

Valentine's day activities for your toddler cookie decorEarlier this week, we did a batch of cookies. A simple oats cookie and we did top them up with these bright colours. This one is sweet condensed milk and some strawberry cuts. We just did one cookie and all three of us shared that one piece 😉

Valentine's day activities for your toddler

  1. Cookie Cutter Art

Valentine's day activities for your toddler craft activitiesThis one is pretty simple to do. Not much of fuss and doesn’t need any prep work for this. Check out our artistic masterpiece 🙂

  1. Rose Petals Heart Shaped Art

Valentine's day activities for your toddlerWhen we tried to tear some paper and do a collage recently, it was a face palm situation. We had a huge meltdown after that. This time we tried to stick some rose petals on the art shaped cutout. Turns out this is one of the best sensory play activities we had done. Learning how the glue works and the sticky effect exploration was carefully done. He tried to remove the pieces and stick them again; I guess he was trying to observe how this sticky thing works 🙂

  1. Heart Shapes Visual Discrimination

Valentine's day activities for your toddler visual discrimination free printableI have been talking about visual discrimination from time to time and how beneficial it is. This activity indirectly prepares them to observe the similarities and differences. He had to use a pebble to mark the different heart piece.You can download the printable from below.

  1. Rose Petals Transfer

Valentine's day activities for your toddler montessori tongs activityWe are still mastering our tong skills before we move onto scissor work. Why tongs? They give way to scissor skills which in turn plays a bigger role in writing/holding a pencil. Montessori was a genius to have developed every activity with careful planning.

  1. Rose Petals Sensory Bottle

Valentine's day activities for your toddler sensory bottle calming bottleI gave him a glass jar filled with glittered water and a funnel to pour the water into this bottle. This glittered water shows a water level markup in the bottle. We tried pushing/dropping in those rose petals through the bottle neck. We later shook them and observed how the glitters settled underneath. These bottles are called calming bottles for a reason 🙂

Valentine's day activities for your toddler

  1. Rose Petals Prewriting Pattern

Valentine's day activities for your toddler prewriting patternThis is similar to the gluing art activity, but this one had a pattern and he had to go along with it. We did the simple horizontal line stroke.

I hope you try these simple activities at home and don’t forget to tell me how much you guys liked them.

I get a high when I get a comment, so please comment below. We could be good friends 🙂

And hey Happy Valentine’s Day to you and to your little ones 🙂

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Free Printable:Visual Discrimination Free Printables

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Valentine's Day Activities for your toddler Pinterest


Water Science Experiments for toddlers

Water Science Experiments for toddlers

Water Science Experiments for Toddlers preschoolers

Few nights back, I narrated the thirsty crow story to my son. He was fascinated by the crow but didn’t really get to comprehend how the water could rise and how easy was it for the crow to drink water after that.

Then I thought it won’t take too long to pull together this simple experiment.

I promptly grabbed in some stones which we had at home, a jar and a spoon to set this up.

My clever cookie is working on his spoon skills nowadays and so I offered him a wooden spoon to drop the stones.

Water Science Experiments for Toddlers preschoolers

While he dropped in the stones, he saw tiny bubbles blow up and couldn’t contain the excitement.

He also learnt a new word “splash” when the water speckled each time 🙂

And voila, we watched the water level rise and ooze outside.

Water Science Experiments for Toddlers Preschoolers

Water Science Experiments for Toddlers PreschoolersWe also did this sugar dissolving activity. This is a pretty much simple activity where the child stirs in sugar to watch it dissolve.

Water Science Experiments for Toddlers PreschoolersI added in some food coloring to make a distinction when the sugar is added and stirred.

Water Science Experiments for Toddlers Preschoolers


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Water Science Experiments for Toddlers Preschoolers


Montessori Inspired Diwali Activities

Montessori Inspired Diwali Activities

Let’s talk Diwali 🙂 Why am I talking about diwali this earlier? Yeah, I am excited to be part of “Montessori for the holidays” blog hop series along with other amazing Montessori bloggers.Please check out the previous blog post on this series here on when hippos talk.

15 Days of Montessori for the Holidays

For those who don’t know what diwali is, it’s not just a Hindu festival, it’s an identity of the Indians. It could be simply termed as ‘festival of lights’ which is believed to dispel darkness and bring in the light of clarity. The whole country is excited during this season and there is so much of hope and joy in the air. There would be loads of deepams/diyas in every corner of India, houses being decorated with flowers and garlands and the aroma of sandalwood, incense and vadas being fried lifts your spirit 🙂

And there is no shortage of things to do with children during this festival season and this is how we would be doing it.

Lamp size sorting

Size Sorting

Size Sorting

Terracotta is Indians’ version of glass. They are nature friendly and we have them as a part of our Montessori classrooms. We got in some of these lamps and the size difference was so obvious that they were sorted based on its size. We were polishing our pre-math and visual discrimination skills.

Flower rangoli on Water:

I should have clicked a picture when we started. My little one got excited and it kind of got crowded

I should have clicked a picture when we started. My little one got excited and it kind of got crowded

This is adapted from the classic practical life activity of flower arrangement in the Montessori classrooms. This one is simple, easy to do yet so refreshing for the soul and eyes. This one went on to the nature table after we were done.

My little one hasn’t mastered scissor skills yet, so I had to help him on cutting the stem tips.

Skills practiced:Pouring,sequencing and cleaning up.

Leaf Lacing/ma thoran

Ma-Thoran Ma-Mango, Thoran-Banner

Ma-Mango, Thoran-Banner

Diwali isn’t complete without hanging a ma-thoran on your entry doors. Ma thoran during Diwali is like wreaths during Christmas. 🙂

I had to punch the leaves and have them laced using a file string. Plus I couldn’t get my hands over ma-thoran since it isn’t the festive season yet, so this one is the beetle leaf illustration  🙂

Skills practiced: Fine motor skills

Number Cards and Counters using Lamps:

Cards and Counters

Cards and Counters

I had too many lamps and I had to put them to use. This one is for the older kids. We aren’t done with the red rods yet, so this activity would wait. I lay them on the mat to share them on this blog post.

Skills that could be practiced: number sequencing, odd and even numbers

I hope that you like what you read and would practice them with your little ones during this festive season 🙂

I know this is yet another lengthy blog-post when compared to some crisp ones here but I just can’t stop talking about festivity  🙂

Over to Magical Movement Company who would be blogging about outdoorsy holiday activity 🙂

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4 Easy Science Experiments for Toddlers

4 Easy Science Experiments for Toddlers

Science was my favorite subject all through my school days. Few weeks back, while I cleaned my pantry I got my hands laid on some baking soda. Voila, there was plenty I could do with that. I did a small R&D for some basic science experiments and found tons of information online.

And here is a few which I and my toddler experimented together. The fascination in his eyes, that look was priceless. So here you go!!

Science Experiments for Toddlers Pinterest


  1. Baking soda with Vinegar
Science Experiments for Toddlers

Colored vinegar and baking soda

This one is a classic science experiment we did in school. Pour in some vinegar into a glass mixed with food coloring. Spoon in some baking soda to see fuzzy reactions 🙂

Science Experiments for Toddlers

Fuzzy Fuzzy Reactions 🙂

  1. DIY Snow
Science Experiments for Toddlers

Shaving foam and baking Soda

I followed exactly the same instructions on this blog. Man, it really did feel cold like a snow. Honestly, I have never seen a snow, let alone touch it. Thanks to the tropical country I live in. But hey, no regret after getting to touch this SNOW 🙂

Science Experiments for Toddlers

Cold as Snow 🙂

  1. Milk Firecrackers
Science Experiments for Toddlers

Milky Firecrackers

You must watch this video. I was smitten after watching this and jumped on to try this with my toddler. My little Jing Jang was hooked for a long time playing with this  🙂

  1. Ice cubes and Salt
Science Experiments for Toddlers

Salt and Ice cubes

Again this one is taken from this blog. I did not have those cute little dinosaurs so we used some Jewels as treasures 🙂

Science Experiments for Toddlers

Please don’t mind this crappy picture 🙂

I am looking forward to more science experiments to do with my little toddler. Guess who is learning science the right way, all over again?

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What should I teach my one year old?

Do you feel that your little baby is growing up faster than you think?

Do you wish you had some more patience when it comes to your kid?

Do you think you are not doing much with your kid?

Do you want to spend quality time with your kid, but run out of ideas?

Did you say YES?

Then you are in the right place 🙂

Here are a few ideas which you can tweak to your own convenience.

These are tried and tested with my now two year old and I am sure that would work for you.

Nature Learning:

Learn through nature teach your one year old

Nature is the best teacher 🙂

Get Outdoors.Ok, this is a no brainer. Take your little one outside; I am sure you must have a park or a green place close by. Point out to the birds, trees, ants, bugs, anything you see. Listen to the birds. Talk about color green. Watch the squirrels collect their neem nuts and run back.

Treasure Baskets:



All the kitchen items i could grab in two minutes 🙂

introduce Music to one year old

For the love of music 🙂

Teach Colours one year old

That’s Color Red 🙂

Are you worried that your little one still mouths things? Then, this one is for you. Get this treasure basket ready. This one is a no prep one and easy one at that. We introduced colours using these cute little treasure baskets. Please read here to know more about that.Read more here.

Sensory Food:

sensory food teach one year old

Messy little fingers 🙂

Oh, I love this one. Whomever, thought of this first is an absolute genius. Use any food that you think your little one would like to explore. I can help you with a few ideas.

Yogurt mixed with food coloring

Messing with apple sauce

Picking out chunky watermelon cubes to suck and lick them.

Pulling out each noodle/pasta which enhances finger grasp.

Sensory Play:

Bean Bags

DIY Sensory Bean Bags.. Could have looked better 😉

Put in some colored rice into empty transparent water bottles.

Throw in some pom poms into water. Add some glitter or small miniatures to give that shiny look.

Make these sensory bean bags and have them feel it or practice tossing them into a basket.

Make this sensory board with the unused stuff lying around at home.

You can also use some edible play dough which you must have done before for her little hands to mess with

Family cards:


Are you staying away from your family and worried that your lil one would forget your close ones? Then try this out.

You can also click pictures of different rooms in your house and read them aloud to your kids while they hold the picture. And that’s how we start Geography.

Invest in some simple Puzzles:

Not sure, which ones to buy? Then check this out.

Simple Colour Match

Simple Shape Puzzle

Teach them independence:

Teach your little one to use their cup. Not able to find small tiny cups, then use shot glasses. Yes, put them to use 🙂

Teach them to eat on their own. Follow baby led weaning that way you also polish the hand mouth coordination skill.

Teach them to use their fork and spoon.

Ask for their help to clean up after their toy play, to put their dirty clothes inside the laundry bag, to put their shoes back in the shelf, train to use the garbage bin/dust bin

Make simple activities:

Potato painting

Other things you can teach:

Teach animal sounds, train sounds, rain sounds and thunder sounds.

Teach them their body parts. We started with belly button 😉

Teach them to share.

Self Groom:

Teach them to blow their nose.

Teach them to wash their hands and wipe them.

I hope this helped. Is there something else you have done already, that I have missed? Share your thoughts in the comments section. Please subscribe to this blog. The next blog post would be on introduction to exciting science experiments that could be done along with your toddler. Yes, your toddler could do it too 🙂

Sorting Big and Small-Toddler Activities

Sorting Big and Small-Toddler Activities

Toddler Preschooler Big and Small Activities

These are the random items I found at home 🙂




Sort Big and Small Toddler Activities

Please don’t mind the price sticker on the mug. I forgot to remove it 🙂

We did celebrate little Jing Jaang’s second birthday two days back. Strangely, I feel odd to call him a baby after he turned two. He is starting to understand things and realizes when we discipline him when he does something which we do not appreciate.

Lately,we have been talking about the small and big things we see around and I thought I would let Jing Jaang sort out the big and small objects to get the hang of the concept.

Why do you have to teach them big and small?

Children learn to classify objects by comparing them and identifying their similarities and differences.

Learn to communicate easily. Like “Amma, I would like to eat from that big plate today “.

What do you need?

Similar objects of different sizes.

Mats or chart board to sort and lay them.

How do you do it?

Pick each object and say “This is the big one” “This is the small one” and lay them on the respective mats/sheets.

Repeat for all objects

Put them back into the basket and watch your little one do it 🙂


Teaching Toddlers Day and Night Difference

Lately my little toddler gets overexcited at night and I found it very difficult to explain it to him that it was night and the whole city sleeps including the street dogs. Man that was a Hercules task. He did not want to sleep and did not want to turn off the lights. Then I took in that I had to do something about this.

I had to frequently talk about the day and night difference and how the sun is up through the day and nights are dark. We spoke about shadows and moon. I also showed him how we turn on lights when it gets dark in the evening and that in some time we would hit the bed. I spoke about earth too but he didn’t get much on what I was saying.

Then, we decided to learn about them by doing some tray activities. We did some picture sorting which had clear distinction of day and night. You can download them from here.  🙂

Teaching toddlers day and night activities

Clever Cookie sorted out the day and night skies. Good Job!!

We did day and night picture sorting where he had to sort them on the mat. You can download this printable from below link.

Teaching toddlers day and night activities sensory sky night

Oh those are stars on the tea dust. And that’s the box that came with Ferrero Rocher and the jar from a cake shop:-)

I tried this sensory bottle in which I filled with tea dust and tiny stars to depict night time. I showed him how to count the stars while I picked them up from the tray to jar.

Teaching toddlers day and night activities shadow preschooler

We had a blast doing this after we turned off the lights 🙂

We did some shadow puppet game to turn the lights off  🙂 I got these printables from Charlotte’s blog.You can download those awesome puppets from there.

We stuck the stars and moon on the black painted card stock.

We stuck the stars and moon on the black painted card stock.

Teaching toddlers day and night activities clouds sun sky

Similarly, we stuck the clouds and the sun on a blue cardstock

Finally some craft work too 🙂 We stuck the stars and moon on a black painted card stock for the night sky.Similarly, for the day sky we stuck the clouds and sun on the blue one.  Again printables can be downloaded from below link 🙂

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Day and Night Picture Sorting 

Craft -Day and Night


Montessori Inspired Pattern Activities for Toddlers

Montessori Inspired Pattern Activities for Toddlers

Montessori Printable Pattern activitiesHello awesome moms. Arrghh, dads too 🙂

We did these simple Montessori inspired pattern activities for my toddler at home.

Before that, I like to share how we get to proceed with each activity.

I present one new activity everyday (at least when I am on the best of my moods :-)) and rotate what we have already to get stabilized on what was done earlier. I remove them off my shelf when my son loses interest.

So, why does your toddler should do pattern matching/sorting?

We see patterns everyday don’t we, how do we connect the dots? Patterns?

Now you know why?

Now you know why?

Patterning activities lays foundation for their math activities.

And how crucial is pattern matching in developing visual discrimination skills? Read here.

You can download this free printable here.

Pattern Matching for Toddlers

I placed a sample under glass tumbler and put the rest of the pieces on a tray.

The transparent glasses were much easier than the muffin tray.

The transparent glasses were much easier than the muffin tray.

You may ask, why give glass to a toddler? Won’t he break it?

Montessori insists on using real and breakable items.

Seeing a glass break will teach the child to be gentle and handle fragile things carefully in the future. Yup, Montessori saw broken items as a learning experience. Smart lady, wasn’t she?

I had only three glasses at home. Yes, there is only one Papa Bear, Mama Bear and a Baby Bear at home 🙂

I extended the activity by adding some more patterns on a muffin tray.

Muffin trays are not just for muffins, right?

Muffin trays are not just for muffins, right?

Download them, print and laminate them. Use them and tell me if your lil one liked it? 🙂

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