Valentine’s Day activities for Toddlers

Valentine’s Day activities for Toddlers

Valentine's day activities for your toddlerValentine’s Day is round the corner and the whole town will be filled with RED heart shaped balloons. We do have special plans too :-)Sometimes I wonder why so much hype for just one day? I digress.

My clever cookie doesn’t fail to amuse me every day. His language is improving in a jet speed and he communicates well than before. He clearly doesn’t understand what Valentine’s Day is and why there are so many rose petals at home, but nevertheless we had our share of fun.

  1. Red Buttons Spooning

Valentine's day activities for your toddler Montessori spoon You would have comprehended from my earlier posts that we practice certain skills for quite some time till we are so done with it. We are learning to use the spoon with minimal spillage. Few days back, he had yogurt and I could see he had done a neat job by balancing the spoon and there was very little spillage. Yayy!!

  1. Heart Shaped Cookies Décor

Valentine's day activities for your toddler cookie decorEarlier this week, we did a batch of cookies. A simple oats cookie and we did top them up with these bright colours. This one is sweet condensed milk and some strawberry cuts. We just did one cookie and all three of us shared that one piece 😉

Valentine's day activities for your toddler

  1. Cookie Cutter Art

Valentine's day activities for your toddler craft activitiesThis one is pretty simple to do. Not much of fuss and doesn’t need any prep work for this. Check out our artistic masterpiece 🙂

  1. Rose Petals Heart Shaped Art

Valentine's day activities for your toddlerWhen we tried to tear some paper and do a collage recently, it was a face palm situation. We had a huge meltdown after that. This time we tried to stick some rose petals on the art shaped cutout. Turns out this is one of the best sensory play activities we had done. Learning how the glue works and the sticky effect exploration was carefully done. He tried to remove the pieces and stick them again; I guess he was trying to observe how this sticky thing works 🙂

  1. Heart Shapes Visual Discrimination

Valentine's day activities for your toddler visual discrimination free printableI have been talking about visual discrimination from time to time and how beneficial it is. This activity indirectly prepares them to observe the similarities and differences. He had to use a pebble to mark the different heart piece.You can download the printable from below.

  1. Rose Petals Transfer

Valentine's day activities for your toddler montessori tongs activityWe are still mastering our tong skills before we move onto scissor work. Why tongs? They give way to scissor skills which in turn plays a bigger role in writing/holding a pencil. Montessori was a genius to have developed every activity with careful planning.

  1. Rose Petals Sensory Bottle

Valentine's day activities for your toddler sensory bottle calming bottleI gave him a glass jar filled with glittered water and a funnel to pour the water into this bottle. This glittered water shows a water level markup in the bottle. We tried pushing/dropping in those rose petals through the bottle neck. We later shook them and observed how the glitters settled underneath. These bottles are called calming bottles for a reason 🙂

Valentine's day activities for your toddler

  1. Rose Petals Prewriting Pattern

Valentine's day activities for your toddler prewriting patternThis is similar to the gluing art activity, but this one had a pattern and he had to go along with it. We did the simple horizontal line stroke.

I hope you try these simple activities at home and don’t forget to tell me how much you guys liked them.

I get a high when I get a comment, so please comment below. We could be good friends 🙂

And hey Happy Valentine’s Day to you and to your little ones 🙂

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Free Printable:Visual Discrimination Free Printables

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Valentine's Day Activities for your toddler Pinterest


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