How to Introduce Puzzles to Toddlers?

How to Introduce Puzzles to Toddlers?

How to Introduce Puzzles to Toddlers? – Our way of doing it.

You know puzzles are good, but have no idea which one to pick from the umpteen options amazon shows?

Are you clueless on how to introduce puzzles to your little toddler?

I was once there too and I needed help in picking up the right ones for my little peanut 🙂

Did you know that puzzles help the child in so many aspects from logical thinking, hand eye coordination, decision making skills, grasping skills, pincer grasp and most of all PATIENCE ?

So, we as parents have a huge responsibility of introducing the appropriate ones, easy yet challenging enough for the child’s age.

When I decided to introduce jigsaw puzzles to my boy- we started with this 9 piece jigsaw puzzle which is like a copy puzzle.

I call it a copy puzzle because it has the same image below and the little peanut has to match each piece with its objects.

On the first day, he and I sat through as we spoke  about various objects we found in the picture and matched with the jigsaw pieces.

Once he cracked the way of doing it, we finished another 4 different picture puzzles in one go 🙂

This morning we revisited our first puzzles and I thought I should share our puzzle journey with you guys. And my search for complex puzzles began from here. 🙂

P.S: It is okay if your little candy doesn’t get to crack his first puzzle in the first go. In that case, pull it back from the play shelf and introduce later 🙂

In my next post in this series, I will share my best puzzle finds from Indian stores.

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8 Ideas for Montessori Pre-Reading Activities

8 Ideas for Montessori Pre-Reading Activities

Learning to read is not a race while there is so much emphasis on phonics these days.

The child has to be ready before they start reading on their own, if not it leads to frustration.

Pre-reading activities or reading readiness is like a warm-up before you start exercising.

I have a curated list of free printables which you can directly download from the websites.

Montessori explains that the sensitive period for language is from 0-6. Reading aloud books and associating objects to words are all started from birth, while these activities can be started anywhere from 3-6 years.

1.Reading Aloud before Bedtime:

My son loves to read and I read aloud to him before our nap time while we snuggle together. We started with picture books with few sentences each page and then moved on to books with more text. Now we read books like this at 3.5 years.

2.Sorting by Category:

Sorting is an important skill that cannot be taken for granted. This blog beautifully explains why sorting is essential in the part of growing. In the later part of the blog there are plentiful ideas to sort by category. If your child is young and you want to begin then concrete objects are the best to start with. Check this post for young children less than 3. I would like to try all of the sorting ideas in our future work. For now, we tried a few of it and I have attached the links of free printables below. Don’t forget to download and practice them.

3.What does not belong?

Once children learn to sort they start noticing how things are alike and what is different. You can read on how to do this activity here and download your set of cards from below.

4.Pattern Cards:

Sequencing is an important life skill by itself. Here Children learn to move from left to right like how we read on print and also

The printable can be downloaded from below.

5.Story Sequence:

This is an extension work of pattern cards, the story sequence helps to observe and recall events.

You can start with something as simple as “Jack and Jill” Rhyme (printable link below) and ask your child to arrange them in order.

The one we used is a bit complex which explains the story of a snowman. This printable comes with a control card i.e. Montessori way of the child to know if he has done the work successfully. The printable link is mentioned below.

6.Picture to Background Matching:

This activity is to help one prepare for figure ground perception. This helps in focusing on one piece of information from a busy background. In simple words: looking for a particular word/line on a book page.

“I Spy” games can be done to work on this. We did some simple picture puzzle downloaded from a website. Link is given below.

7.Using Magnifying Lens to Focus on an Object:

My son is now fascinated to use his magnifying lens and I took that to advantage by giving him some matching work with the help of the lens. While he was working on this, I understood he enjoys using the lens a lot. In the coming days we hope we do a lot more of magnifying lens activities. The printable can be downloaded from below.

8.Look alike cards:

This teaches the child to move from left to right and top to bottom. You can read on how to present this activity here. The printable link is mentioned below.

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Printable download links:


Reference links:

Montessori Inspired Tea Making and Why is it an Important Milestone?

Montessori Inspired Tea Making and Why is it an Important Milestone?

Howa you?

While I was establishing my brand and putting in my time to give my business a head start, the blog has been silent for some time.

Meanwhile at home, we have reached huge milestones and we are back after our summer vacation 🙂

Regular classes have started and so you could see us more active on the blog again.

Today, we did practice one of the most important life skills. Tea Making !! Yayy 🙂

The classic Montessori way would be to have a tea pot, tea dust bag in a small dish bowl, a timer for the child to know when the tea is ready, a spoon to mix and a towel to clean the spills.

We did adapt it a bit, since my preschooler hasn’t been introduced to time concept yet and he cant really wait 😉 the curiosity wouldn’t hold him.

pixlrSo, we had a glass tumbler in which I had filled hot water and two bowls –one with sugar and another with milk powder. Since, it did not have any pouring work, I skipped the towels as well.

All he had to do was to drop in the tea bag and watch the golden colour diffuse into water.

He started to smell the aroma 🙂

He got way too excited to see that magic happen 😉

He added sugar to see it dissolve and then the milk powder went in to see the colour change again 🙂

And then the tasting session started. He made me gulp down the entire cup and wouldn’t let me stop from just taking a sip. He wasn’t convinced till I drank the whole cup. Sigh!! Toddler woes 😉

Later he threw the used tea bag in the dustbin and I had to remind him to take the glass back to the kitchen sink 😉

DSC_0050Oh yes, this activity doesn’t end here 🙂

Tomorrow we would repeat the same, but we would use our cute little creamer set to pour the tea and also use a towel for spills if any 🙂

If you have an older child, you could use the sand clock as a timer.

If you want even more challenges, you can use one tea pot and have two or more tea cups for the pouring work.

Ofcourse , pouring from the tea pot would be more challenging and complex. I would reserve it for a five year old maybe.

Also, you can have different flavored tea bags and ask to make a certain flavored tea.

If there are real guests you can ask them to serve the tea without any spillage 🙂

And yes, a five year old could be trusted with that .

And yes, click here to know why it is an important milestone.

Recommended Book List for Toddlers and Preschoolers

I have always been an avid reader and I also read while I nursed my son. Probably he took it from me; he was so interested in books than his cars or Lego blocks.

When we started to have limited screen time after he turned two, there were on and off periods of reading. And to wean him off the screen time, we went back to the books. And it worked liked a charm.

This morning, I saw him cuddle up and observe a picture book for good ten minutes. I did not want to interrupt him, I was so delighted to watch him read.

I have always found pleasure in reading and most of the days I have gone to sleep with a book in my hands. I hope my son also finds his comfort in books and believes that books are one of the best things that had happened to this world.

I have put a list of books which we have read and which are on our wish list after going through all the book reviews.

If you are a new mom/ or trying to introduce books to your lil one, then this guide should get you started on this.

If you are already reading to your lil book lover, then list your favorite ones in the comments section so that I could add them to the list for the newbies 🙂

Indian Books:

What I love about Tulika books are that they are Indianised and the child could easily relate to the characters and the background scenes happening on the book.  That said, Tulika’s logo is a crow. You get the drift? 😉

Okay without much ado, let’s go through the list.

  1. Lets catch the rain
  2. What did you see?
  3. Power cut
  4. Where is amma?
  5. My mother’s saree
  6. What shall I make?
  7. Same and different
  8. Follow the ants
  9. My house
  10. Carry me mama
  11. Jalebi curls
  12. Dosa
  13. Grandmas eyes
  14. The seed
  15. Rangoli
  16. Lets go
  17. Raindrops
  18. Tsomo and momo
  19. What will I become when I grow up?
  20. Colour colour kamini

If you are not sure, which books would suit your lil one’s age, I would suggest you to hop to this awesome group where Divya handpicks Indian books to make your lil one hooked to books 🙂

Click here to join the group.

There are Pratham books as well. Unfortunately, I haven’t got my hands on them yet.

You can browse their books from here.

If you know about Pratham books, can you do me a favor and list the best of their collections on the comments section below?

Other Books:

  1. The very hungry caterpillar
  2. Green by laura
  3. Brown bear brown bear
  4. Good night moon
  5. Whose tail?
  6. Ten little fingers and ten little toes
  7. Excuse me a little book of manners
  8. How do you feel
  9. Usborne-tractor
  10. Usborne farm
  11. Usborne my first numbers
  12. Wibbly pig
  13. Julia donaldosn- gruffalo
  14. Animal actions Julia Donaldson
  15. Baby touch and feel-lets get dressed
  16. Park-baby touch and feel
  17. I can share
  18. Nio hitting
  19. Where is my belly button
  20. How does baby feel?
  21. Chick chicka boom boom
  22. We are going on a lion hunt
  23. The runaway bunny
  24. Big red barn margraret
  25. No hitting-karen
  26. Pat the bunny
  27. Where’s spot series?
  28. We are different
  29. The big orange splot
  30. The grouchy lady bug
  31. Bag in the wind
  32. Fireman sam
  33. Mama always comes home
  34. My many coloured days
  35. Counting kissesABC, a childs first alphabet books

There are so many other best books available in the market. Please make sure to introduce your kid to a variety of books and that is one decision you wouldn’t regret.

And it is never too early to start reading 🙂

Also if you are here in India, you might like to visit these pre-loved/second hand book selling facebook groups where you might find awesome handpicked books for a very lesser price.

Tiny Tots Book Reading Hub


Great beginnings read a book today

Eat play and read

Kids preowned books for sale

Read aloud

And if you have read till the end, I have the best piece of information for you.

There is this awesome Facebook groups where they discuss about children’s book reviews and other cute lil things related to children’s book literature.

This facebook group is packed with book lovers, so you get best of the suggestions from here.

Click here to join that awesome group.

And before I end this, I have an announcement to make.

Little Fingers at Work would launch its the first of the kind “books by weight sale” ecommerce site.

Watch out this space for more 🙂

And hey, don’t forget to comment about your lil munchkins favt book below. Heaps of good karma for you  🙂


Beginners Guide:Easy Montessori Practical Life Ideas for Toddlers

Beginners Guide:Easy Montessori Practical Life Ideas for Toddlers

Beginners Guide:Easy Montessori Practical Life Ideas for Toddlers

Practical Life Activities_Ideas for Toddlers

Having a toddler at home can be overwhelming.

My life turned topsy turvy after my little one came into our world.

And like every other new mom, I was lost too.

I wish I had another ten hands to get work done while I juggled all the balls.

And when he became a toddler, things got even worse. He was trying to be more independent and was in a I-want-to-do-it- phase while I was still figuring out parenthood hacks.

FacebookLike a light at the end of the tunnel I stumbled across Montessori way of learning, and it spoke of how to enforce independence right from early childhood.

Slowly, we started practicing them at home and oh boy, it worked like a charm. Now this clever cookie is my little helper who makes things easy for me.

pinterestAnd the best part is he helps in clearing the mess as well. Who wouldn’t want to try it?

I am sure you would understand what I am talking about and how much of breathing space you would get once you involve your toddler in all practical works you do at home.

I have a list of everyday tasks your toddler can help you with.

Montessori Practical Life Ideas for Toddlers

Kitchen is the best place you could start (or rather where I started at). Check out these wonderful  ways to ‘involve your toddler in the kitchen post’ to get more ideas.

Few days back, he dropped a porcelain tea cup which shattered into pieces. I panicked for a moment, but I didn’t react. I asked him “ So how do we clean it?” and he asked me for a broom. I gave  him a small hand sized broom and a dustpan. To my surprise, he did an amazing job to get them on to the dustpan and then to the bin. Such is the power of Montessori learning at home.

Yup, numbers and letters could wait while we master our practical life skills 🙂 with our child. They let us know what they want us to help with and we could see in what skill they need our help to guide them.

Coming back to this post, apart from the kitchen job we both also work together in spooning work, dry pouring activities and other practical life activities.

Loading & unloading the washing machine

Toddler montessori Activities Ideas Practical Life skills

Watering plants. Click here to read why it is one of the best things to teach your little one

Helping to change sheets

Toddler montessori Activities Ideas Practical Life skills

Cloth peg practice to dry clothes

Toddler montessori Activities Ideas Practical Life skills

Setting food on the table

Putting back toys in its place.

Carry plate back to kitchen

Wipe the fridge door

Cleaning tables


Education for independence is very much important and as moms we do have to help them achieve it.

So what is stopping you? Get down to your child and ask him for his help. Allow him to show off his skills and you don’t forget to appreciate his contribution. You are helping him build his confidence and self esteem in the process.

Show your child how to put back things in its place once you are done working on that task.

Show them how to comb their hair, how to button their shirt,how to put their shoes.

Use “please when you request something” and don’t forget to say “ thank you” when they do so.

Don’t preach what you can’t practice. After all they model us and they grow to be adults like us.

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Giveaway Contest Announcement

Giveaway Contest Announcement

Littlefingersatwork blog giveawayThe best giveaway is round the corner.

Hello Awesome moms!!!

Little Fingers at Work is hosting its first ever giveaway. A bigggg time giveaway!!! Could be the best one you would get to see in a long time from the internet world.

What do you get?

Nope… Not Printables.

But you get awesome hands-on learning materials which are carefully handpicked by yours truly.

Why should you be part of this giveaway?

Because the giveaway products are so irresistible that you can’t let it go. And hey, shipping is free too if you are here in India.

There would not be just one or two winners, but 10 of you. So, your probability of winning is even higher.

These are all child sized, having the little fingers in mind. Some of them are not so easy to be found in the market and I am making things easy for you 🙂

Again, what do you get to win?

10 lucky moms will get any one item (random choice of gift) from the below list.

1.This cute little ceramic creamer set for all your pouring works.

Little Fingers at Work creamer set

2.This cheery yellow sorting plate to make sorting easier and even more fun to do 🙂

Little Fingers at Work sorting tray

3.Child sized mini grater and toddlers first knife for your little chef 🙂

Little Fingers at Work knife and grater

4.Wooden Tangrams Set to make houses, ships or anything they could think of.

Little Fingers at Work tangrams

5.A paint brush kit which has 15 types of brushes. Let’s get their artistic masterpieces ready 🙂

Little Fingers at Work Paint Brushes

Little Fingers at Work Paint Brushes

6.Child Safe Cookie Cutters which could be used to bake cookies or simply play with play dough 🙂

Little Fingers at Work cookie cutter

7.Sugar tong and a squeeze bottle which are perfect for small hands. The sugar tongs could be used for transferring works. Squeeze bottles could be used for jam/ sauce spreading or even to squeeze paint.

Little Fingers at Work cookie cutter

8.A milk jar which could be used to pour his own milk or water to his cup.

Little Fingers at Work milk Jug

9.Small sized rolling pin. Did you know that it is an awesome pre-writing work?

Little Fingers at Work rolling pin

10.Amazon gift voucher worth 200 which you can use to buy books. 🙂

Gift Coupon

What if you are not the lucky one?

Don’t worry. I have something else which is equally exciting. 🙂

I would mail you an awesome set of printable list which you could download from the respective blogs.

Yup, an exclusive list from the best bloggers out there.

What should you do?

  1. Subscribe to this website which you find on the top of this page.
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Eg:          1.Melani

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Other Pointers:

  1. The winners would be declared on March 4th 2016.
  2. The winners should acknowledge to my mail within 72 hours of declaring and send me their postal address. Failing which, a new winner would be selected.
  3. Upon receiving the goods, post a picture on this Facebook page or tell me if your little one likes it.

What are you waiting for? Gear up and be part of this awesome giveaway  🙂





Toddlers in the Kitchen. How to Involve Your Toddler in the Kitchen While You Cook?

Toddlers in the Kitchen. How to Involve Your Toddler in the Kitchen While You Cook?

Toddlers in the Kitchen

Food makes my heart sing and Kitchen is my happy place. I also have my food blog here. I learnt to cook after I got married and became a regular cook once my little one turned 6 months old. We were following baby led weaning and since then I always cooked in front of an audience translation: little boy.

I did not have any help at that point in time and little one was always hanging around in the background watching me cook from a distance.

So yours truly decided to involve him in the kitchen and help me out. He cannot help me out a-z in the kitchen but there are some pretty awesome ways we could work together in harmony.

And yeah, there is loads of mess to clear later and a heavy sink to be cleaned- but the fun makes up to it.

This week we did not have any shelf activities, we instead focused only on our cooking and baking.
Check out my baking post here 🙂

Corn Peeling


Corn Peeling Kitchen Toddler Montessori

Egg Cracking

Toddlers in the kitchen activities

Egg Yolk Separating

Toddlers in the kitchen

Egg Whisking

Toddlers in the kitchen activities

Peas Peeling

Peas Peeling Montessori Practical Life

Cheese Foil Unwrapping

Kitchen activities for toddlers

Banana Chopping

Indian Kitchen toddler activities

Curry Leaves Picking

Montessori Kitchen Fine Motor

Paneer Chopping

Montessori Kitchen Toddlers

Grapes Washing

Montessori Practical Life activities kitchen

Loading the fridge after grocery shoppingToddlers in the kitchen activities (3)Leveling cracker crust for cheese cake

Toddler Kitchen montessori Activities Ideas Practical Life skills

Peeling Orange Skin

Toddler Kitchen montessori Activities Ideas Practical Life skills

I do have a few other kitchen photos clicked, and have more lined up so I could post them together. So keep watching this space for more uploaded pictures 🙂

Isn’t cooking together a great way to bond? A little mess would do no harm right?

And let them also taste thereby they feel accomplished and part of the whole cooking experience.

Please follow our Montessori kitchen board to see all other kitchen works which amuse me from all around the web 🙂

Please do all this in an adult supervision and stay away from any allergy causes if your child has any.

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Also we haven’t started to deal with heated appliances yet, so please do any at your own risk.

You might like to shop these kitchen items for your child

Child Sized Grater

Cookie Cutters for Kids

Child Safe Knife

Kitchen Toddler Montessori



Baking With Kids

Baking With Kids

Baking with kids toddler montessori kitchen activities

Did you get to read my little helper in the kitchen post? Nope, then go and read it here  🙂

After which we have been doing a bit of baking here and there.

Baking together can be so much of fun. And it’s got ample learning opportunities. Who wouldn’t want to try it?

So, there we were deciding on what recipe that we should start with. And we zeroed on this simple butter cake. This is the classic starter cake for anyone who wants to learn baking. It is easy to make with no complicated techniques or fancy ingredients. Plus they are fool proof. It is very hard to mess up with this recipe and would be ideal for my little one to start as well. You can find the recipe here.

Before we head on to the recipe I am going to tell you why baking together is a great learning resource for your little one.

1.They introduce indirect math concepts

Baking with Kids

  • They learn to count when you say “We are going to add in two eggs. One and now two “
  • They learn fractions when the recipe calls for half a butter slice.
  • They learn measurements: one cup each. You can read our popcorn post learning the same.
  • They also learn time concepts: Forty five minutes in the oven
  • And finally, sequencing: First beat sugar, then add butter and as the recipe calls
  • Baking with toddlers

2.They make up for awesome pre-writing works

Baking montessori

  • Their hand muscles put in a lot of resistance when they mix hard butter and sugar.
  • When they roll their dough to make a cookie
  • When they cut cookie shapes, they wrist muscles are preparing your child to hold a pencil.
  • When they place dough carefully on a baking tray they learn how to place them from left to right or in a pattern.
  • Like I said, as simple as baking might seem to look, there are plenty of learning opportunities.

3.Organizational Skills:toddler in the kitchen

  • Show them how we wash hands before you start baking.
  • Ask them to help you get all your baking essentials ready.
  • Ask them to help you pick your whisker, cookie cutters and so on.
  • If you have a recipe printed, show it to them and let them know that you are going to read what is on this paper and follow them to the T.

4.Other practical life skills:

Baking with toddlers activities

  • Learning to wash hands before and after the work
  • To stir the ingredients
  • To crack eggs
  • To pour ingredients into the bowl. Read other pouring works here.
  • To clean the kitchen counter once you are done baking.

5.Sensory learning:

Baking and ToddlersThey get to see the ingredients, use their hands to get messy and smell the cake when it is the oven, listening to the beater sound and tasting them delicacies once they are done 🙂 Yup, all their five senses are involved and what more fun could it be:-)


toddlers in the kitchenTeaching different ingredient names and talking about from where they come from. My son doesn’t comprehend that butter comes from milk. But yeah, one day he would 🙂


Baking with kidsThey learn the change of states, they get to see how a solid butter melts when applied some force.

Other important benefits:

Baking with kidsThey take pride in what they have done and have a sense of accomplishment. This in turns helps them build their independence and self confidence.

Other tips to keep in mind:

Baking with kids

  • We usually reduce the sugar quantity to one third of what the recipe calls. We do not encourage having any sugar loaded treats at home.
  • Be prepared for a mess. That is also a learning opportunity to show them how to clean 🙂
  • Pre-measure the ingredients to make it easy for your toddler. Get the entire stuff ready like a TV cookery show.
  • Make sure your child is well napped and is on his best of the moods while you bake together.
  • Make sure you stay away from any heated appliances.
  • Plan ahead and know your recipe so that your toddler doesn’t have to wait while you check the recipe on your phone.I learnt this lesson the hard way 🙂
  • If your child is allergic to any of the ingredients (raw eggs), please be extra careful.


Baking with kidsGo pick your apron, wear your chef hat and get ready to bake with your toddler 🙂

pinterestAnd watch out this space next to see how we assemble a pizza together 🙂

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Shop These:

Cookie Cutters

Measurement Cups and Spoons

Baking Tray

baking with kids toddler activities