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100 Activities/Books – One at a Time

Lately I have been kind of distracted from preparing learning activities for my son . I have very little time to spend alone with my son and I do not want to miss this golden period with him. Most certainly want to go back to the good old days (when I started this blog) doing simple activities at home every day. Those activities kept him busy and helped in his learning process. We have been having more screen time these… Read More

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein Book Review

The Giving Tree Unconditional love!! When I was a little girl, I heard this story for the first time in a church sermon along with my dad. And I remember my dad telling me the same story one night. But he told me something more to the story I heard. He told me that parents would give everything they have to their kids without expecting anything back in return just to see their kids happy. It didn’t make much sense… Read More

Why you shouldn’t compare yourself with another Facebook mom?

Comparing yourself with another Facebook mom!! May I say please don’t? Are you one of those Facebook moms who spends quality time in FB checking your feed and ‘like’ pictures of friends’ kids? Or worse, you are part of some fabulous mom groups and get to see overwhelming ‘perfect’ posts and makes you feel guilty that you aren’t doing enough for your child ? I have news for you, you are not alone. Yes, parenting is tough(don’t remember anyone saying… Read More

To moms who shop : One child does not need it all !!!!

Hello lovely moms!! What are you guys upto? Life is so busy  at my end and I am trying to juggle many things with just a pair of hands and an energetic toddler who keeps me busy every free moment I could find. Uff… life of a  mom isn’t it? Despite my hectic life, I wanted to write this post. Nah, this post isn’t about me or my toddler. So pull up a chair and grab a cup of coffee…. Read More

Montessori Inspired Tea Making and Why is it an Important Milestone?

Howa you? While I was establishing my brand and putting in my time to give my business a head start, the blog has been silent for some time. Meanwhile at home, we have reached huge milestones and we are back after our summer vacation 🙂 Regular classes have started and so you could see us more active on the blog again. Today, we did practice one of the most important life skills. Tea Making !! Yayy 🙂 The classic Montessori… Read More

Recommended Book List for Toddlers and Preschoolers

I have always been an avid reader and I also read while I nursed my son. Probably he took it from me; he was so interested in books than his cars or Lego blocks. When we started to have limited screen time after he turned two, there were on and off periods of reading. And to wean him off the screen time, we went back to the books. And it worked liked a charm. This morning, I saw him cuddle… Read More

Protected: How to set up a Montessori home?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Beginners Guide:Easy Montessori Practical Life Ideas for Toddlers

Beginners Guide:Easy Montessori Practical Life Ideas for Toddlers Having a toddler at home can be overwhelming. My life turned topsy turvy after my little one came into our world. And like every other new mom, I was lost too. I wish I had another ten hands to get work done while I juggled all the balls. And when he became a toddler, things got even worse. He was trying to be more independent and was in a I-want-to-do-it- phase while… Read More

Giveaway Contest Announcement

The best giveaway is round the corner. Hello Awesome moms!!! Little Fingers at Work is hosting its first ever giveaway. A bigggg time giveaway!!! Could be the best one you would get to see in a long time from the internet world. What do you get? Nope… Not Printables. But you get awesome hands-on learning materials which are carefully handpicked by yours truly. Why should you be part of this giveaway? Because the giveaway products are so irresistible that you… Read More

Toddlers in the Kitchen. How to Involve Your Toddler in the Kitchen While You Cook?

Food makes my heart sing and Kitchen is my happy place. I also have my food blog here. I learnt to cook after I got married and became a regular cook once my little one turned 6 months old. We were following baby led weaning and since then I always cooked in front of an audience translation: little boy. I did not have any help at that point in time and little one was always hanging around in the background… Read More

Baking With Kids

Did you get to read my little helper in the kitchen post? Nope, then go and read it here  🙂 After which we have been doing a bit of baking here and there. Baking together can be so much of fun. And it’s got ample learning opportunities. Who wouldn’t want to try it? So, there we were deciding on what recipe that we should start with. And we zeroed on this simple butter cake. This is the classic starter cake… Read More

Valentine’s Day activities for Toddlers

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and the whole town will be filled with RED heart shaped balloons. We do have special plans too :-)Sometimes I wonder why so much hype for just one day? I digress. My clever cookie doesn’t fail to amuse me every day. His language is improving in a jet speed and he communicates well than before. He clearly doesn’t understand what Valentine’s Day is and why there are so many rose petals at home, but… Read More

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