I am hosting a 30-day challenge in one of our facebook groups and I totally love it. Play-dough Play was our theme today.

Playdough Activities for ToddlersWhat does your child learn?

This activity helps with prewriting skills, to develop the finger strength. These same hands which Roll, press, stamp the play dough will hold a pencil one day with confidence 🙂

They will let their imaginations go wild. They could make surprise eggs, an ice cream cone party uff!!

I can only think of so much but a child could explore horizons.

Playdough ActivitiesThey learn textures by adding in different elements like sand, glitter, oats and talk to them about it.

You can hide treasures inside the dough and let them pull it out.

Give them other props like plastic knife, scissors, rolling pin, cookie cutter etc., they will experience free play.

What did we do?

Playdough Activities for kidsWe made homemade bread play dough and poster colours mixed to it to get this texture.

I also sneaked in some lemon essence to it and oh boy, I fell in love with how it smells.

Playdough Activities for ToddlersMy clever cookie brought in the insect figurines from the jar and started to stamp them on the play dough.

Playdough Activities for Toddlers

I would be updating this post further each time we have fun with play dough. It is becoming our home school staple  🙂