Lately I have been kind of distracted from preparing learning activities for my son .

I have very little time to spend alone with my son and I do not want to miss this golden period with him.

Most certainly want to go back to the good old days (when I started this blog) doing simple activities at home every day. Those activities kept him busy and helped in his learning process.

We have been having more screen time these days and I would want him to cut down on that. Plus, plan ahead for the coming days while I concentrate on other things.

Cut to the chase, we would be doing simple activities curated from around the web. Aiming at 100 activities to start with, minimum one a day. Sounds ambitious! Let me give it a try, with my lil one’s support, I am sure I can.

Also reading one new book a day.

I would plan things ahead for the next ten activities and share the list of printables and supplies needed, so that you could join me in this journey.

Want to be part of our team?

Well, wait for my next email on this 🙂

I intend to post about this on my Instagram account, my pinterest board and on my facebook group as well 🙂